Basic Guide to Pick Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain

Side sleeping is amongst the most popular sleeping positions, tries to reduce acid reflux, decreases snoring, and decreases sleep apnea syndrome. Even so, it is not rare for side sleepers to feel discomfort in their hips and shoulders as a consequence of the development of stress in these regions. If you lay on either side, most of your pressure is on the shoulders and hips, and it’s crucial to identify a mat that can fit this sleeping style. To find the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain, search for a mattress that provides an even combination of support and protection.

Suggestions for Mitigating Back Discomfort for Side Sleepers

A side sleeper’s backbone can already be deformed due to excessive pelvic twisting. Napping on too hard a mattress which does not relieve enough pressure points encourages or deteriorates lower back and shoulder pain. In addition to shifting to a mattress that fits sleeping patterns on the side, there are a few more other preventive steps that help relieve discomfort and imbalance. One of the best ways to stop the pain? Training yourself for more balanced sleep:

  • Once you get settled in a mattress, make sure your thighs and pelvis stay straight.
  • Preferably, the backbone and neck must stay in a single direction perpendicular to the ground.
  • If required, make changes before you go to sleep and if you wake up during the night.
  • Try to hold your cushion next to you so as not to lean your body forward.
  • Use a thin pillow across your knees to prevent pelvic wriggling. Medical Community suggests that side sleepers are doing this to avoid back pain.
  • The pillow that you use for your head is also very necessary. Look for one that embraces various stresses on your neck and head. Overly rigid or high pillows hold your head rather high compared to your spine, producing a new source of strain. If that’s too short, the head and neck will not cradle enough. The intention is to hold your head aligned with your backbone.


What Kind of Mattress Is Better Suited for Side Sleepers?

The perfect mattress for side sleepers would be strong to a moderate foam mattress, eliminating trigger points while also providing outstanding support. The intention is to support your neck and maintain your hips balanced. Although other mattresses, such as latex and innerspring, could do this, memory foam is made for this sort of stress relief and comfort.

What Is the Perfect Hardness for Side Sleepers?

The optimal hardness for side sleepers would be maximum to medium soft. Often this is considered a luxury enterprise in the mattress sector. Usually, side sleepers require more support or smoothness than that of a back sleeper. This extra padding helps to fill the holes across your hips as well as your lower spine.

What’s the Best Month to Purchase A Mattress?

May is also considered to be the best time for mattress purchasing. Many companies are launching new mattresses’ designs over the fall, so stores are trying to clear up older models from May to create extra space for the new items. There are, indeed, lots of good mattress sales occasions over the year, like Founders Day, Labor Day, Xmas, as well as Black Friday.

Is A Strong Mattress Harmful to A Side Sleeper?

A firm mattress can end up leaving side sleepers beginning to feel fatigued in the mornings. Typically, the surface of the mattress can’t match the body and also the softer mattress. That absence of conformity causes trigger points mostly in hips and shoulders to develop into discomfort, decreasing the nap of a side sleeper.